Biolevox™ HA mini

Hyaluronic acid, 1 ml of intra – articular gel 1,6% in a pre-filled syringe

Biolevox™ HA MINI contains hyaluronic acid with optimally high physicochemical parameters, such as molecular weight and concentration. This guarantees the desired mechanical function after injection to the joint and provides expected clinical result. Biolevox™ HA MINI is intended mostly for small joints, for instance: temporomandibular joint, facet joint, metatarsophalangeal joint, carpometacarpal joint, interphalangeal joints. Intra-articular injection of Biolevox™ HA MINI supplements synovial fluid and participates in the nutrition of the cartilage. Already after the first injection, joint mobility should be improved and pain associated with degenerative changes relieved.