Ossylbone™ non-setting paste

Biomimetic bone filler

Bone defects are common and are associated with a significant burden of disease. Importantly, effective clinical management of bone defects remains challenging.
Ossylbone™ non-setting paste is a biomimetic bone filler. The product is delivered in ready-to-use prefilled syringe, in a form of non-setting, putty like gel.

Ossylbone™ non-setting paste is a bone substitute suitable for filling of inaccessible bone defects like voids, gaps or cysts where solid material cannot be applied. After application, Ossylbone™ non-setting paste fills the defect and forms a temporary support for regenerating bone tissue.

Product is available in two composition variants, consisting of:
• 100% HAp – product with extended resorption time that provides longer mechanical support;
• 75% HAp and 25% β-TCP – product with tailored resorption rate that provides optimal balance between bone growth and material degradation.

Material is fully biocompatible, biodegradable, safe and it supports the regeneration of bone tissue.