Ossylbone™ self-setting paste

Biomimetic bone filler

Bone defects are common and are associated with a significant burden of disease. Importantly, effective clinical management of bone defects remains challenging.
Ossylbone™ self-setting paste is a biomimetic bone filler. The product is prepared during surgical procedure by mixing all of the ingredients (powder phase and liquid phase) in order to obtain a uniform paste which subsequently sets to its final- mechanically stable form.

Ossylbone™ self-setting paste is suitable as bone substitute in cases where immediate mechanical stabilization is required.

Product is available in two variants:
• with spatula – components are delivered in separate vials and later mixed in desired bowl; subsequently product is applied into the bone defect with spatula;
• in syringe – components are delivered in self-contained mixing device (in a form of syringe), from which product is delivered directly to the bone defect.

Material is fully biocompatible, biodegradable, safe and it supports the regeneration of bone tissue.