Ossylbone™ granules

Biomimetic bone filler

Bone defects are common and are associated with a significant burden of disease. Importantly, effective clinical management of bone defects remains challenging.
Ossylbone™ granules are biomimetic bone fillers in a form of a solid, porous particles, available in regular spherical or irregular shape and in many different sizes. Product is delivered in ready-to-use solid form, packed in dedicated vials.
Ossylbone™ granules have been designed in order to create optimal conditions for new bone formation. Thanks to its size, shape and loose form, Ossylbone™ granules can be delivered into difficult to access bone defects. Subsequently, product effectively fills void space, creating immediate scaffold with interconnected pores and controlled resorption. Additionally, Ossylbone™ granules can be mixed with autologous blood products in order to create material with extra regenerative properties.

Product is available in two composition variants, consisting of:
• 100% β-TCP – product with markedly reduced resorption rate that supports rapid bone remodeling
• 75% HAp and 25% β-TCP – product with tailored resorption rate that provides optimal balance between bone growth and material degradation

Material is fully biocompatible, biodegradable and safe. Its role is to support the regeneration of bone tissue.