Xerthra™ iPRF kit

Xerthra™ separation device, accessories necessary for the procedure

Xerthra™ iPRF kit – procedure pack for isolation of injectable platelet-rich fibrin (iPRF) from the patient’s peripheral blood. In the site of the injection autologous iPRF forms a fibrin network where leukocytes and platelets release cytokines and growth factors over a longer period of time.
Xerthra™ iPRF kit guarantees isolation from 15 ml of blood of large amount of iPRF. Adjustable amounts of iPRF allows for the individual approach to the patient needs and the use of the required volume. The obtained preparation remains in the liquid form up to 20 minutes (in 37°C) after preparation, which significantly prolongs the time of application to the target site and guarantees effective penetration into hard-to-reach places. Procedure does not require chemical modification of the blood by addition of the anticoagulant.
iPRF thanks to its unique ability for fibrin network creation is recommended to use in the injuries in which the prolongated regulatory as well as regenerative action of cytokines and growth factors is required.