Xerthra™ PRP PURE kit

Xerthra™ separation device, accessories necessary for the procedure

Xerthra™ PRP PURE kit – procedure pack for isolation of platelet-rich plasma with reduced content of leukocytes (LP-PRP) from the patient’s peripheral blood. Autologous LP-PRP contains lower number of leukocytes and increased concentration of platelets rich in several growth factors which support healing of the injury over a shorter period of time with less side effects.
Xerthra™ PRP PURE kit guarantees uncomplicated, precise and convenient isolation of concentrated LP-PRP (1 ml) with reduced number of erythrocytes and leukocytes obtained via double centrifugation of freshly drawn peripheral blood (15 ml with anticoagulant).
LP-PRP is recommended for use in chronic, degenerative phase of the disease in which not inflammatory action of leukocytes but the regenerative action of growth factors contained in platelets is essential.